Windows scam

I’ve just got off the phone with an Indian speaking call centre claiming to be the Technical Department of Windows, who were informing me that we had an issue with our version of windows and it needed to be fixed. I thought this very interesting, particularly that our computers here in the office were sending error log reports back to Microsoft and they were being kind enough to ring me to fix it for me.

For the record the name of the person calling was initially Jessica from South Sydney and left the following phone number, 1973 200 6677, after this call we hung up and they then rang back, this time with a male caller .

Well first up, this is a total scam, please do not fall for this type of call, Microsoft do not call you to advise of a problem, nor is there any problem with our operating system. The caller could not tell me when I asked what version of windows we running, he did however, get quite annoyed with me for being so up front and actually asking him what version of Windows our computers were using.

Do not under any circumstances give them any information about your computer or operating system, do not provide any details of your computer, and do not go to any web site link they give you nor type in any so called “job Code” or any other code.

Please do not even entertain these scammers, they are not genuine and are out to cause you trouble.

Just hang up straight away. Be Warned.